Terms of usage

  • Vozi Rent-a-car provides online car rental booking service. Rental services will be supplied under a separate rental agreement to be entered into with the Movea Ltd. which provides the vehicle.


  • Vehicle makes and models are not guaranteed. Images and descriptions are a guide only.


  • Delivery to Osijek Airport is free of charge regardless of pick-up and/or drop-off time (only for airport passengers).


  • Delivery to hotel in the city of Osijek is free of charge (only for hotel guests).


  • Every pick-up and/or drop-off of vehicle outside office working hours (8:00h – 20:00h on weekdays, sundays and holidays) will be charged 125.00HRK (VAT included).


  • To make a booking You must be 21+ years of age and have a full, valid driving license longer then 2 years. International Driving Licences are accepted but not required.


  • All changes and additions to your reservation request should be sent to us by e-mail or by calling +385 99 44 21 333 To avoid misunderstanding of any sort, it is necessary to have a written confirmation from our staff.


  • If You, without notice, fail to pick up booked vehicle within 2 hours from the reservation date and time shown in your booking we will consider Your booking invalid.


  • It is prohibited to falsify any data during the booking process, please note that any such attempt will be forwarded to the relevant institutions.


  • Complaints will be handled only via e-mail communication and should be sent along with all related rental documents and receipts. We can only consider complaints that reach us within 7 days of the final day of rental in dispute.


  • All disputes will be settled by mutual agreement. If this is not possible, Court in Osijek, Croatia has the jurisdiction.